Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Specialized Services

We implement daily, technological solutions that simplify processes, save resources and improve your business effectiveness by using the technological knowledge of our specialized teams.

Beyond the technical support services, Decunify also offers specialized services in order to create mechanisms to optimize our customers internal processes. We review the questions, understand each company specific needs, we seek for the best strategy and advise the customer about what are the most appropriate technologies they should implement.


Managed Services
Serviços que ajudam o seu negócio

Conjunto de ferramentas que permitem a partilha de recursos e processos tornando a gestão de equipamentos e soluções de forma mais eficaz e autónoma baseada em recursos humanos qualificados e certificados.

A utilização de Managed Services revela-se uma verdadeira alternativa para as empresas na obtenção de vantagens competitivas na aquisição, exploração e utilização dos necessários sistemas de informação e comunicações.

Resources analysis, setups and IT infrastructures procedures

Execute an appropriate systems and technologies analysis appropriated to your business strategy and detect the vulnerability of implementation and operation, are main steps to know your IT infrastructure.

Through an audit performed by Decunify on differentareas, such as Structured Cabling Systems, Local Area Networks, Security and Information Systems you can have a huge amount of information about what is in your infrastructure and how it performs. We will produce a detailed report, as well as improvement recommendations that will fit the specific needs of your organization.

Wireless networks diagnosis and planning

The network survey is a service created to help you plan and implement a Wi-Fi network that meet your business requirements. As a starting point the study assesses the wireless network state and ensure the required performance for it.

Our review process in based on the information collected about the area to cover (industry, office, shopping center,..) to understand the radio signal behavior, the area to cover and interferences. Thereby, we can define the most appropriated location to install the wireless access points.

We identify the necessary components to endow your wireless network according to your requisites.

Our research allows us to select the best access points location to guarantee a network coverage that meets your needs.
We recommend the access points types and characteristics to ensure a secure wireless architecture.


Cost Control | Identifying areas with higher traffic flow | guarantee the installation in the most appropriated local| Increase the mobile service availability | geolocation| best solution profitability.

Systems and ICT services specialist related to your business.

Complementary to our support services we also have the option to contract a model based on a bank of hours, which can be the most suitable and profitable to your business.

This model can cover Networking, Security, VOIP and Information System with more advantages over traditional support.
The main goal is to ensure the best level of performance of your infrastructure by an technical expert, with a maximum response time to suit the customer needs, trips included.

For more details on this specialized service, please contact us.

Operational costs reduction

Services to enable our customers to have an efficient technical response to any incidents based on the SLA, different sites and geographical location.
The main advantage of this service is that it has a fixed value per intervention that includes service and travel. On the other hand this service is independent from the number of working hours spent on the incident resolution and assures customer that the incident is solved and treated by a specialist.

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We help companies in building efficient communication solutions that integrate their resources. We have a broad portfolio of products and services that make Decunify solutions the ideals to offer an agile and effective collaboration in modern companies. Contact our team.

Technical support totally dedicated to do the best accomplishment, available 24 hours/7 days a week, which assures service continuity throughout the organizations.