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Política de Cookies

What are Cookies?

They are small files imported to your computer or to another device when you access some web pages, which collect information about your preferences, excluding your personal data.

In some cases, cookies are required in order to make browsing easier and to record the user's browsing activity.

Which Cookies do we use?

Session cookies: they exist only in temporary memory while the user navigates the website. The information serves the purpose to analyze patterns of web traffic, allowing us to identify problems and to provide a better browsing experience.

Functionality cookies: they record users’ preferences. They are not required for the site to work but can improve the customer’s experience. No personal data is stored in these cookies.

Analytical Cookies: their purpose is to recognize, create and analyze statistics, in order to improve the performance of each website. They never collect personal information.

Cookies that send information to other companies: These are set up on our website by a partner (e.g., Facebook or advertisers).

These companies can use the data collected by the cookies to anonymously target advertising to you on another website, as regards your navigation on our website.

For example, if you use a social network tool (e.g. a "Like" or "Share" on Facebook) on this website, this cookie will record the use of that tool, thus collecting this information. (i.e. Facebook).

How can cookies be managed?

All browsers allow users to accept, decline or delete cookies through settings. Nevertheless, by disabling cookies, some of the services may stop working correctly and our website’s browsing can be partially or totally affected.

For more information on checking and/or deleting cookies, click on the Help page of your browser or AllAboutCookies.org

Privacy Policy

Decunify is committed to ensure the protection of all personal data available.

As such, several technical and organizational procedures and safety measures have been adopted in order to protect the personal data submitted to us, against all other unlawful forms of processing. If you do not agree to the terms below you should not access, view or enter data on this website.

All contents and information available belong exclusively to Decunify and its customers. Any copy, reproduction, modification or publication of the site’s content is entirely forbidden.

The data privacy and security policy applies only to the processing of personal data by Decunify, obtained through its website, events, commercial and promotional activities.

1. Purpose of the processing

Personal data is gathered for the following purposes:

• Sales;

• Service improvement or customization;

• Events;

• Newsletters and other promotional campaigns. Customers can cancel their subscription by clicking on the link for that purpose – via email.

2. Collection of personal data

The data collected is limited to the name, telephone number and e-mail, which serves the purposes set forth in this policy and which can be obtained through:

Website forms;

Landing pages forms;


3. Retention period

Personal data will be kept as long as the holder's consent is for the purposes set forth in 1. and/or while Decunify maintains promotional campaigns.

4. Sharing of personal data

Personal data may be shared for server hosting and back up, only located in Portugal, with other companies of the Decsis Group. These must grant the same policies regarding personal data.

Decunify may use third parties to send newsletters or other promotional campaigns by email, however, these companies will only be given the strictly necessary information (name, company’s name and e-mail), being them forbidden to use it for any other purpose.

5. Rights holder

To access, correct, add, update, delete or change the consent of all notices, the holder must contact Decunify, sending us an e-mail from which the subscription was made, to the following address: decunify@decunify.com.

You may also use this email address for any clarification or suggestion about this policy.

6. Links to partners websites

Decunify’s website may contain links to a third-party or partner website. These are not controlled by Decunify and, as so, the company is not legally responsible for its content. We recommend that when accessing to other websites through our page, our customers should have access to their privacy policies.

7. Cookies

By browsing Decunify’s website, cookies are used which, however, do not collect information that identifies the user. Generic information is collected, namely how users access and navigate the website or on which part of the country do they access the page, etc.

(See Cookies Policy below)

8. Data privacy and security policy adjustments

Without prior notice, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time by posting a revised policy with an update on the footer of this page. Subscribers will also be informed via newsletter.

DUC003/01 – last updated on 2018.03.23

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy


The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy aims to provide visibility and highlight the ethical principles and values that should guide the actions of employees or third parties acting on behalf of or in the interest of Decunify.

It applies to all Decunify employees and third parties acting on their behalf or benefit.


Decunify is committed to:

a)      promote the effectiveness of the mechanisms for reporting irregularities in force;

b)      develop adequate processes and procedures to assess and mitigate the risk of corruption, namely the risk that partners, transactions or commercial/institutional relationships may represent for Decunify;

c)      promote with its stockholders measures to prevent corruption and to recognize the principles and values of loyalty, honesty, transparency and integrity.

Rules of Conduct

All employees or third parties acting on behalf of Decunify, in the exercise of their functions and in the internal and external relationship, must adopt a suitable and dignified behaviour.

Guiding principles:

a)      avoid situations that represent an actual or potential conflict between your personal interests and the interests of Decunify;

b)      refuse, in the exercise of their professional activities, any type of financial aid, bonus, commission, gift, travel, donation, or advantages for themselves, their family members or any other person acting on behalf of, in the interest or benefit of Decunify ;;

c)      not allow the granting of sponsorships to public bodies with the purpose of directly or indirectly facilitating the contracting with the public administration;

d)      not use the name of Decunify or its resources to fund campaigns of political parties or candidates;

e)      not to manifest on behalf of the company, disclosing data, news and information related to Decunify or any company in the group, without being duly authorized to do so;

f)       avoid using it in your personal or professional relationships with the objective of obtaining personal benefit or for third parties;

g)      not establishing links of any kind with organizations or clients whose conduct is not compatible with ethical and responsibility standards;

h)      not accepting gifts, travel or any form of advantage from customers, suppliers, partners and competitors, in an amount exceeding 50 euros.


In particular, Decunify employees or third parties acting on their behalf or interest are not allowed to:

a)      offer, promise or authorize undue advantages to persons, public entities or related parties, including facilitation payments, with a view to obtaining equity or non-equity advantages for themselves, for Decunify or for third parties (active corruption);

b)      accept advantages for yourself, for third parties or for Decunify, when the acceptance could harm the independence and exemption of these or Decunify, current or future, in relation to the offered or its related party (passive corruption);

c) use donations or sponsorships as a means of exerting illicit influence or pressure in relation to any decision with the advantage of Decunify or its related party, and social adequacy must always be maintained in terms of the market sector and areas in which Decunify operates.

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