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Decunify, company from the Decsis Group, supplies the most demanding customers with tailored projects, using innovating technologies and services. From the project and implementation stage, to the operation and maintenance, completed with qualified technical services and advanced tools we assure the complete service to optimize your business. The solid partnerships with national and international manufacturers, allows us to offer better solutions of communication infrastructures and information technologies of support to your company. 

The Decsis Group assumes publicly the commitment that the performance of your management system is systematically measured and improved, so to assure their collaborators, clients and other business partners, the highest indexes of quality, safety, trust and profitability. Likewise, so to assure your business quality and continuity and minimize the risks inherent to the developed activities, the Decsis group assures that the information related to your activities, your clients and other business partners is protected, according to the best practices and standards, regarding information safety.

In particular, Decsis Group assures:

1. That your Management system is implemented according to the best practices and suited references of companies that supply solutions and ICT services, so to comply with all the requirements of the services.
2. The systematic treatment of the risks, so to assure the sustainability, the business continuity and the adequate protection of the assets in their keeping (their own and of the clients), against possible internal and external threats.
3. Training and accountability of their coworkers, so to assure that they know their responsibilities and goals in the performance of their functions and their impact in the Group’s Companies image.
4. The respect of the laws, norms and regulations in force, particularly those related to the developed activities.
5. The involvement of the Administration in all decisions related to the Management System, including those related to monitoring, development, revision and improvement.


Vison, Mission e Policy


Take over the Leadership role between Portuguese companies with technological root, with a similar or equivalent offer. In this sense, Decsis Group should diversify their activities, investing in innovation and development of new projects and new services that add value to the existing offer.


Use the Vision as a mean to develop the companies abilities, matching their Management System and diversifying their Solutions and Services offer, so to offer, in the markets in which they are active, a wider portfolio, capable of satisfying the Market’s needs in requirements and prices conditions, suited to the evolution of times and technology.


Decsis Group consists of several Information and Communication Technologies services provider companies, with proven and recognized experience in the market and a diversified offer of Solutions and Services.

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